Your agency collects a lot of information. You should do more than just manage your records—you should use them. Zuercher Records makes your data easily accessible and connected, with automated records processing that saves you time and money. Streamline your operations with an easy-to-use RMS that gives you the power of shared data with powerful built-in tools for customized reporting, forms, and modules.

One fully-integrated system

Anytime you create a record anywhere within your Zuercher software, your information feeds into a master name, address, and vehicle file. Everything you do, from case reports to eCitations to digital evidence, is organized, linked, and searchable.

Your real workflow

Zuercher Records can be set up to align with the process you already use for case approval review and approval. Fine-grained permission levels help ensure that only the people you designate may use or view certain records. Simplify things even further by setting up individualized dashboards that alert each person to what needs to be filed, fixed, or reviewed. Configure your system for automatic notifications that let you know when things are complete or need to be done.

Create reports, customized forms, and modules

Leverage your data with an easy-to-use custom report generator that lets you gather the information you need and presents it in the format you want: numeric data, graphs, charts, or heat maps. You can create your own Custom Forms that look just the way you want, with data fully integrated with your Zuercher software. Or build your own Custom Modules within your Zuercher software to add the unique functions that your agency needs, with data that is part of your master records database.