Law enforcement agencies often need to handle money. You’re collecting permit payments at a counter in the sheriff’s office, figuring out fines, and depositing the funds in the right place every month. A system cobbled together from spreadsheets or an off-the-shelf business accounting software doesn’t work. You need a system that is tailored for public safety agencies. Zuercher Financial is designed to seamlessly work with your Zuercher software, incorporating the financial side of the law enforcement tasks you do every day.

A double-entry accounting system tailored for law enforcement

You need a system with a full audit trail, including voided and deleted financial records and an account ledger, a system that allows you to monitor overall account balances, view account history, or select any transaction. Zuercher Financial software understands when and how you handle money, tying your workflow into your accounting, with fine-grained permission levels that restrict access to financial records to just those who need it.

Fully integrated, fully paper-less

Zuercher Financial is tightly integrated with what you already do: civil service, inmate billing, warrant service, pistol permits, and even parking tickets. You have the records already in your software system. Now you can configure your software to automate financial processes, calculating fines, adding court costs or state fees, without having to dig for the data or type it into a separate spreadsheet or software.

Automation and tracking in one central location

Generate custom reports on whatever you need to track, including profit and loss, receipt income, or inmate expenses. You can filter by account if you want. Navigating your financial data is easy when it’s clearly displayed side-by-side with your related records. You have powerful search capabilities so you can locate any specific record easily or follow the flow of money with financial transactions that are linked together.