Zuercher CAD software gives 9-1-1 communication centers easy-to-use, powerful tools for responding to calls and emergency situations quickly and efficiently. You can set up Zuercher CAD as a standalone product or in conjunction with Zuercher Mapping and the rest of the Zuercher software system for a tightly integrated solution. The system is made to perform with precision and reliability—however you choose to use it.

Built with flexibility, it works for you

This highly configurable system lets you customize everything from your incident code list to priority-based alarm times to flexible beat plans. You can configure Zuercher CAD to match your actual workflow, with the fields and features that match your agency’s procedures.

Speed where you need it most

Every feature was built to increase your efficiency and decrease your response time. You can choose the commands and displays that work the quickest for you, selecting what will help you get people where they need to be—faster.

Real time is your time: you’re in the know

Zuercher CAD lets you stay on top of developing situations with real-time updates—for both dispatch staff and officers in the field. Your system can be set up to send automated pages, emails, or texts to individuals or groups, to give dispatchers visual and audible reminders for status checks or follow up.

Caller Location Query (CLQ) module to assist with wireless 9-1-1 caller location challenges

With reports of wireless location failures are increasing at an alarming rate, Zuercher has released CLQ to bridge the gap and assist with location accuracy challenges today before NG911 is deployed. CLQ is a service offered to Zuercher CAD customers that gives the call taker the ability to query a wireless caller’s location through an outbound SMS. The wireless caller receives the SMS message and the coordinates are returned and geo-validated to provide a CAD dispatch location. View vdeo.