When a citizen calls 9-1-1, there is a general expectation that the call will be answered and processed expeditiously. In order to adequately live up to the expectations of the public, today’s PSAPs need a proven 9-1-1 call processing solution that is easy to use and provides swift actions by call takers regardless of how the call is made—traditional land line telephone, wireless phone, or VOIP phone. As an IP-based solution, our 911 solution supports connectivity to both traditional CAMA trunks and Next Generation ESInets enabling a PSAP to interact with citizens across different devices and channels.

Simple, intuitive call taker user interface

Seconds count, so call takers cannot waste time finding what they need. Our 911 software provides intuitive navigation to help call takers make fast, informed decisions. Call takers can access full call control functions via mouse, keyboard, or function key.

Seamless integration of SMS into the workflow

The call presentation for SMS calls is similar to voice call and lands within the same incoming call queues to eliminate any need for additional training.

Automatic call distribution

Scalable and reliable, our 911 software provides call distribution capabilities across single and multiple PSAPs and manages heavy-volume call times more effectively through advanced functions that include multi-site integration.