Without ePCR software, many EMS providers are plagued by incomplete, inaccurate or illegible patient care reports. This can delay reimbursement and make it nearly impossible to accurately report EMS incident details to government data repositories. Respond ePCR provides patient caregivers with the electronic means to facilitate an efficient and streamlined data collection process to quickly produce accurate and complete electronic patient care reports.

User friendly design fits many deployment models

Respond ePCR software features a friendly, touch-navigated user interface to increase speed of data entry while ensuring data accuracy. Additional options for system configuration and user interface provide for a more customized solution to improve user adoption and reduce training time. 

Access to protocol information for consistent high-quality pre-hospital care

By providing medics with immediate and direct access to protocol treatment information, Respond ePCR software ensures timely access to pertinent treatment information. The ability to include attachments and documents provides a thorough patient care record. 

Integration with Respond Billing to improve claim submission

Respond ePCR and Respond Billing combine to reduce the time between patient transport and claim submission. The information from the Respond ePCR software is electronically transferred into Respond Billing significantly reducing redundant data and providing for zero-day billing. 

Integration with Respond CAD and Perform CAD improves communication

Respond ePCR offers the ability to incorporate response information from Respond CAD and Perform CAD into the Patient Care Report. The seamless integration improves communication with the field staff, provides more accurate information, and allows for the completion of the Patient Care Report in less time.