Reimbursement for services provided is the lifeblood for many ambulance/medical transport services.  Without a reliable, up-to-date ambulance billing software system, seemingly ever-changing rules and forms can make getting paid in a timely manner nearly impossible. With over 2,600 EMS providers relying on Respond Billing to submit claims and reimbursements, Respond Billing is the industry leading ambulance billing software for reimbursement and collections. With a wide range of modules and detailed reporting options, Respond Billing optimizes the billing process, improves payer intelligence, and increases revenue.

Tools to automate and streamline processes allowing staff to focus on critical tasks

An extensive library of menu-driven reports makes detailed reporting a simple task. Respond Billing’s Task Scheduler automates the printing of bills, statements, or generation of reports on an assigned schedule. Comprehensive error checking functionality validates claims before they are sent.

Maintain data integrity and HIPAA compliance

Keeping up with the ever changing standards and regulations can be challenging. Respond Billing provides regular product enhancements to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other government regulations. Additionally, user security profiles restrict access to features based on job classification and data integrity is assured with detailed audit logging on all call and patient data.

One centralized location for patient information

Respond Billing ambulance software can be expanded to become the central repository for all your patient data including treatments, medications, vitals, and more. Advanced Patient Search functionality provides the ability to customize columns and sort orders for each system user, as well as intelligent help aids that recognize like data (i.e. similar to spelling tools that find the closest values matching the entered value).