Mobility is of paramount importance to public safety as emergency responders and law enforcement personnel do much of their work away from the office. Accommodating a variety of mobile platforms (laptop, tablet, or smartphone), TriTech’s mobility solutions deliver more information directly to field users to enhance officer safety, increase situational awareness, and prevent conflicts.

Improve personnel safety and emergency response with real-time situational awareness

The Inform Me mobile app provides users the benefit of extreme mobility with constant access to Inform CAD for up-to-date incident information and unit statuses and locations. Field personnel can manage incidents, update status, and message dispatch and other units directly from their phone or tablet to reduce radio traffic. Inform Me uses the GPS capabilities of the mobile device to track its location, making it an ideal solution for officers not traditionally associated with a vehicle, such as walking units, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

Highly configurable and intuitive interface make it fast and easy to train personnel

Deploying and training hundreds of field users on a solution can be a challenge for any department, so it is critically important for an agency to have a mobile solution that is easy to use and maintain. Inform’s mobility solutions’ user interface is easy to configure to meet your agency’s needs and easy to update.

Deliver operational missions to field officers

NEARme supplements Inform Mobile by pushing dynamic proximity-based information to officers in the field. Calls for service, incidents, and person data are delivered to officers, based on where they are located. This data helps optimize patrol-based strategies and assist in preventing crimes.