Today’s busy correctional facilities are managing a high volume of critical activities that occur on a day-to-day basis. The rise in the number of required daily activities and the increased focus on standards and compliance pose both evolving challenges and risk. As part of TriTech’s Inform Suite, Inform Jail minimizes data entry, reduces the paper trail, and streamlines the booking process. Inform Jail is designed to scale to meet your housing capacity needs and number of Jail facilities to manage. Coupled with a highly configurable system that efficiently manages day-to-day operations from mass inmate movement, gang activity tracking, to inmate release, Inform Jail is a comprehensive inmate management solution that is designed to ensure the safety and security of your correctional facility.

Operational efficiencies when RMS and Jail are designed to work together

One of the main benefits of buying an integrated RMS and Jail solution from TriTech is the operational efficiencies of the data flow and workflow. Arrestee information entered by an officer in RMS is available to prefill the inmate’s booking record. Jail officers are alerted to active warrants during the booking process. When Jail officers access the warrant from Jail, the RMS warrant record is automatically updated. Jail users can search and select master name records during the intake process and officers will receive any master alerts while interacting with the inmate.

Comprehensive inmate management and history

Record and track inmate activity including previous confinements, admittance records, cell assignments, movements, inmate cash, and charge purchase records. Officers can also track medical appointments, jail incidents, inmate property, and storage records.

Highly configurable to meet facility needs

System-wide agency-definable questionnaires and narrative templates enable enforcement of your agency’s policies across Jail operations and documentation.  System-wide rules and validation ensure mandatory fields are completed during the booking process and accurate information for reports. A sentence calculation tool is available to support the most basic and complex calculations. These sentence calculations can then be applied at the booking, arrest, or charge level.

Personnel and inmate safety alerts

The Inform Jail Management System employs both system level and agency configurable alerts to guarantee the safety of personnel and inmates. Jail personnel receive warnings on active warrants and inmate alerts during the booking and intake process. A built-in, agency-defined classification questionnaire empowers your agency to perform and track inmate classifications and risk assessments according to your department rules. Keep separate notifications throughout the application to alert personnel to inmate security risks.