Fire Records

Beyond incident report completion and NFIRS compliance, Fire Departments are increasingly faced with the need to automate a myriad of activities throughout the firehouse and across all fire services. 

Inform Fire Records’ automation of paper and manual processes allow for the timely and accurate management of day-to-day responsibilities. As the latest addition to the Inform Suite, Inform Fire Records integrates with Inform CAD, the leading CAD system for the fire service. Combining these capabilities with the leading IQ FireView technology from TriTech, command staff are provided with an interactive, geospatial common operating picture for better resource allocation, trend analysis and analyzing large volumes of data collected from incidents and inspections. Inform Fire Records is the solution for all size departments; from the largest cities to smaller towns.

Inform CAD Reduces Manual Data Entry

As a key part of the Inform Suite, Fire Records populates incident and response data directly from Inform CAD. Pre-populated information from CAD, pick lists, and built-in narratives make data entry simple and quick.

NFIRS Compliance

Inform Fire Records enables agencies to enter and validate incidents for NFIRS compliance. Validated incidents are then ready for NFIRS submission.

Configurability for Single and Multi-Agency

Inform Fire Records is designed for single and multi-agency deployments. Code tables, forms, layouts and more are configurable per agency.

Maximizing Day-to-Day Productivity

The calendar keeps track of the agency’s scheduled operational activities and alerts fire personnel to upcoming and overdue inspections and activities. These features coupled with the personnel, training and asset management work in unison to improve overall operations.

Leading the Way in Fire Analytics

TriTech’s FireView Dashboards automate the analysis and dissemination of data throughout the department.  The Dashboards briefing books, pages, and widgets are tools that enable Command Staff to analyze emerging trends and make data driven decisions.