Next Generation 911 is about managing data (IP voice, text, pictures, video). Building upon TriTech’s proven emergency call taking and incident data management platform, CAD+911 is the convergence of 911 call processing with CAD’s inherent ability to take action through the real-time exchange of incoming and historical information – all in one solution. Designed to address the current problems that exist today and the future challenges of NG911, CAD+911 provides users the ability to interact with and incorporate new types of data into a seamless workflow.

Managing call overload

CAD+911 incorporates the intelligence within CAD’s duplicate call check capabilities to provide users with an immediate awareness of incoming calls and their location relative to other incidents nearby. By leveraging the information in CAD, call takers have the option to segment and prioritize calls based on potential duplicates or additional caller and location information.

Triage calls before they are answered

As a combined solution, CAD+911 links relevant data from each system, such as caution notes and caller or location history, to present meaningful information to the call taker even before the call is answered.

Common workflow for new types of data

By packaging the data in a meaningful and easily consumable format, CAD+911 enables call takers and dispatchers to manage, prioritize, and interact with new types of data and seamlessly incorporate it into their workflow.

Next Generation PSAP solution

With CAD as the technology hub between 911 and the field, CAD+911 provides a complete workflow advantage from the incoming 911 call all the way through the officer in his vehicle. A CAD+911 solution pre-alerts field units before the call is answered to notify responders of what may be coming.