CAD dispatch software helps communications center personnel manage a large amount of information—unit locations, unit statuses, pending and active calls, and other critical data—while serving as a voice of reassurance to callers and providing vital information that links police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. Inform CAD dispatch software captures, manages, and prioritizes mission-critical data to enable rapid decisions in situations where every second counts.

Caller Location Query (CLQ) module to assist with wireless 9-1-1 caller location challenges

As reports of wireless location failures increase at an alarming rate, TriTech has released CLQ to bridge the gap. CLQ is a service offered to Inform CAD customers that gives the call taker the ability to query a wireless caller’s location through an outbound SMS. The wireless caller receives the SMS message and the coordinates are returned and geo-validated to provide a CAD dispatch location. View video.

Dynamic, cross-jurisdictional CAD dispatch software speeds response times

Inform CAD provides flexibility to define and manage response plans to match the individual needs of each agency it serves. By utilizing the street network to determine a unit’s estimated arrival time, the system provides recommendations for the closest unit to the incident by actual drive time, not distance—even crossing jurisdictions when the situation is critical.

Decision support tools to take quicker actions and improve productivity

Inform CAD dispatch software provides an innovative information management tool (Advisor) to help staff process, prioritize, and take immediate action. The solution is highly configurable allowing each agency to set up the system according to an agency’s individual business rules and processes.

Seamless integration to quickly process alarm calls

Inform CAD's bi-directional ASAP to PSAP interface for alarm companies places calls directly into the Inform CAD dispatch queue, completely eliminating call wait times and manual data input. This seamless integration means fewer data processing errors between alarm companies and call takers, and less time call takers must allocate to processing alarm calls. 

Easy to use and administer to streamline day-to-day functionality

Inform CAD’s configuration utility allows System Administrators to easily make configuration changes on the fly, while the System Health Monitor actively monitors system performance and provides alerts on possible errors or warning conditions.