The Next Generation Workflow

The dynamics of public safety have changed dramatically. Agencies are dealing with fewer personnel and vehicle resources, increased workloads and consolidation of services. The Inform Public Safety Suite is designed to address the current and future challenges of public safety.

The enterprise-wide solution consists of 911, computer aided dispatch, mobile data, records management, field-based reporting, and jail management to optimize and automate the workflow to improve the way your PSAP, Law, Fire, or EMS agency manage and processes information.

Empowering emergency communications with CAD+911

Imagine if the intelligence of the CAD could be used one step earlier in the emergency response process – before the call is answered. By unifying the 911 call taking system with the intelligence of the computer aided dispatch system, call takers enjoy a common user experience and an improved workflow. While the call is still ringing, the CAD+911 system leverages the situational awareness capabilities of CAD to triage the call before it is answered. The call taker knows the calls coming in from the same area, what other active incidents are nearby, and what units are in the vicinity. This information helps call-takers prioritize incoming calls, reduces their workload, and results in better decisions while responding to an incident. That's the power of CAD+911. Read more

Multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction CAD dispatch software

Public safety agencies nationwide are exploring consolidation or regional partnerships in an ongoing effort to maintain sustainable operations and improve the delivery of services. Inform CAD dispatch software allows multiple agencies across multiple jurisdictions to operate on the same system, yet is flexible enough to allow them to implement their own business rules and procedures. Read more

Records management made simple

Instant access to information is crucial to the safety of your personnel as well as the safety of those in the community. Inform RMS provides agencies with a user-friendly interface that allows for a quick and efficient records entry process and filters to allow users to view what they want when they want. Read more