Uniquely developed from the ground up, IMPACT RMS is engineered to equip line users with easy information entry and access tools. All of the modules are fully integrated, which means there is no need to re-type any information that has already been entered, either from dispatch, records, or anywhere else.

Browser based technology

IMPACT RMS can run on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones—any device that a browser can run on.  It can even function in a non-connected, offline mode, making the reach of your technology limitless.

Share your data with linked systems

In multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional installations, IMPACT RMS makes it easy to see your own jurisdiction’s information so the data does not get overwhelming. In an additional split second, users can retrieve detailed reports from other linked IMPACT systems. In this configuration, IMPACT allows you maximum flexibility to control your own agency’s system, but know what is going on around you.

Tools for searching and statistical analysis

IMPACT RMS comes with search engine tools for detectives and investigators, statistical analysis reports for administrators and management, and the ability to link multimedia files to reports. An extensive list of features offers you great flexibility in searching for and compiling data.