IMPACT Mobile has been designed to establish communication between headquarters and the officers and staff members in the field. Officers in the field get access to valuable information and the ability to work remotely. IMPACT Mobile allows field users to receive dispatch information, update their statuses from the computer screen, and see the status of other units that are in service.

Your laptop as a complete, tactical data center

IMPACT Advanced Mobile On-Line (AMO) provides interactive access to the dispatcher, other mobile units, NCIC/DMV, and key local databases  data-sharing with neighboring jurisdictions via our wireless technology products (works on all Public and Private IP Data Networks). In the field and on-the-go, AMO offers extensive Field Reporting and Text-to-Speech through voice command technology, so officers can hear important messages without diverting their attention from the tasks at hand.

Conduct NCIC queries

NCIC Interface facilitates instant access to local, state, and national crime information databases at selected workstations on the network and in every AMO attached vehicle or mobile computer. Officers in the field can perform an inquiry without interrupting your dispatchers back at headquarters Inquiries transmitted to the state systems are also forwarded to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

Save time with reports in the field

With IMPACT Field Reporting users can initiate and complete the various forms within the IMPACT RMS, access previously entered reports for updating purposes, or check information in the Master Name, Master Vehicle and/or Blotter functions. Not only can reports be recorded, but with Field Reporting supervisors can check completed paperwork in the field, update squad rosters, and tour roll call schedules, as well as access other management functions.