IMPACT CAD dispatch solutions enable personnel to share critical information accurately and immediately. Intuitive and easy to use, our CAD dispatch requires little or no learning curve—providing optimal utilization right from the start while assuring proper response on multiple levels.

Import your data for faster response

E911 imports the caller's name, number, and location from phone company records directly into the application, enabling rapid, accurate dispatching of required units. If the address for the Call For Service is the subscriber’s address, pressing one key will automatically enter that information to the proper field on the screen. 

See it all on your screen

CAD Mapping provides an interactive method of dispatching directly from the map display itself. Calls for Service are automatically displayed on the map along with the current location of vehicles in service allowing the dispatcher to visually see available units, those in closest proximity, and the area surrounding the event location.

Powerful dispatching dashboard

IMPACT CAD’s Visual Status Monitor provides a myriad of information related to the real-time activities of the department and community. Anyone having security clearance and a computer, no matter where they are, can now see what activities are taking place in the department’s jurisdiction from the dispatcher’s eyes" as if you were looking over their shoulder.