Managing inmates in a jail environment requires an inmate management system with the ability to track and manage their history and activity from intake to release. IMC Jail is a comprehensive jail management application designed to automate the day-to-day operations and transport of inmates. With integrated accounting and personnel scheduling, correctional facilities can utilize IMC Jail to manage their entire workflow.

Expedite prisoner intake and booking process

The IMC Jail inmate management system allows you to take control of the prisoner intake process including inmate medical questionnaires, property seized, charges, sentences, and images. IMC Jail supports inmate classification through a quantitative scale or decision tree function.

Comprehensive inmate and transportation management

Easily track and record all inmate activity including commissary, medical, programs attended, contacts, mail, cell assignments, holds, known associations, gangs and family members, aliases, scars, marks, and tattoos. Additionally, through the IMC Jail inmate management system, users can create individual run sheets for each inmate and manage prisoner transport run schedules.

Integrated scheduling capabilities for efficient personnel management

Supervisors can create personnel schedules, track time off accruals, and manage daily attendance and position assignments without ever leaving the IMC Jail inmate management system application.