IQ Analytics

The explosion of big data has made its way to Public Safety. IQ Analytics supports your information-sharing initiatives, allowing you to aggregate data from multiple systems by warehousing it in a public safety centric database.  Save time and resources with the advanced tools you need to solve crime, monitor performance, and create reports.

Provide an instant crime snapshot at the click of a button

The CrimeView enterprise establishes a common operating picture through visual dashboards.  Compare the relationships of data, identify patterns, and visualize activity geographically through interactive maps, charts, and reports. Your law enforcement command staff and officers on the street can collaborate to apply data to crime prevention strategies, precision policing, directed patrol, and intelligence-led policing. View video.

Set priorities and support agency decisions

Your fire command staff and station captains can use the FireView enterprise to monitor and process all your response data in one place. See trends, patterns, and behaviors in unit response, call processing, turnout, travel, and total reflex times, reported incidents, calls for service, inspections, patient care reports, unit and community data. Use your data to manage your daily operations and long-term planning.

Dig deeper to investigate through data analysis

Crime analysts can access a simple desktop interface that allows for advanced analysis. Draw your CAD and RMS data into an Esri-based mapping platform that lets you visualize hot spots and identify repeat call areas. You can filter, focus, track, and chart crime reports, set threshold alerts, and automate repetitive tasks.