While sharing information is critical to apprehending criminals, some records and cases must be kept in a separate and secure database. IMC Detective manages all records and activity of sensitive and high-profile cases in a separate database with its own security system to ensure that these investigations are restricted from any other department systems.

Separate Master Name database for additional security

Information in the IMC Detective public safety software solution is stored in a separate database with its own security system. Records for internal affairs cases have an additional layer of security and are stored in a database separate from Detective to ensure data integrity.

Seamless integration to efficiently manage the entire workflow of law enforcement departments

As part of the integrated IMC Solution, Detective can be used to enter investigative information from the field through IMC Mobile. Once cases in Detective have been substantiated, the data can be transferred to IMC RMS. An incident or arrest report is instantly created and made accessible to other applications including RMS, CAD, Mobile, and Jail.