Comprehensive, easy-to-deploy, single platform public safety solutions

With so many agencies facing budget reductions and forced to operate with minimal staff, public safety solutions become even more critical to help your agency achieve higher degrees of efficiency. Disparate departments can no longer afford to operate in silos. Integration drives efficiency. Leveraging the right public safety software can empower your agency to work smarter, not harder.

As a fully-integrated, single-platform system, IMC public safety software is our premiere offering for small to medium agencies in the Northeast seeking a comprehensive public safety suite. With rapid deployment capabilities, your agency can automate processes using the IMC Solutions within 60 days. The fully-integrated software suite reuses data between CAD, Mobile, Law RMS, Fire RMS, Jail, Civil, Detective, Administrative and Cross Agency (data sharing)—so data is entered once and immediately accessible from other applications within the suite.

Public safety all-in-one

In departments where personnel have to wear many hats, you need a public safety solution that does it all – and does it well. IMC CAD manages Law and Fire dispatch operations to reduce response times, but also provides integrated scheduling and roster capabilities to efficiently manage personnel. And, all data entered from CAD is instantly accessed and shared between Records, Mobile and Jail to reduce repetitive data entry and streamline operations.
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Automate processes to complete paperwork faster

IMC RMS reduces the paper shuffle between departments through automated, electronic records.  Whether you’re working with custom forms or want to submit reports directly to UCR and NIBRS, IMC RMS reduces the amount of steps and paperwork to complete these tasks.
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Multi-Jurisdictional access to critical information

Increase the amount of information at your fingertips with IMC Cross Agency search. Through a hub-and-spoke network, officers can search and receive master name and case reports from neighboring agencies in real-time for instant access. Agencies can restrict and control the level of information for each participating agency.
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