TriTech’s Inform Suite centers on proven technology to form an end-to-end, complete solution with best-of-breed products. Inform users benefit from a shared and consistent workflow, maximizing the availability and re-use of critical information for all. From the California Highway Patrol which is the largest state police agency in the United States to 82 of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the nation, Inform supports some of the highest volume, most complex operations across the globe. Learn more


Zuercher Suite provides highly configurable, end-to-end public safety solution for small to medium public safety agencies across the country. Zuercher is a one-application, one-database solution, designed from the ground up to work as a fully-integrated system. Agencies can choose from a wide spectrum of products, including CAD, Mobile, Mapping, Law RMS, Jail, Civil, Financial, and more, and can add modules at any time. Zuercher provides servers, installs and manages them, handling backups and upgrades for you. The system is designed to be easy to use and reliable, streamlining your work and letting you focus on public safety. Learn more


Zuercher IMC is a complete, proven, and feature rich solution installed at over 800 agencies across the New England area. As a single-platform system, the IMC Public Safety Suite is our premier offering for small to medium agencies in the Northeast seeking a full technology solution. With rapid deployment capabilities, your agency can automate processes using IMC within 60 days from purchase to go-live. The fully-integrated public safety software suite reuses data between CAD, Mobile, Law RMS, Fire RMS, Jail, Civil, Detective, Administrative, and Cross Agency data sharing—so data is entered once and immediately accessible from other applications within the suite. Learn more


Zuercher IMPACT provides state-of-the-art software applications and intelligence/analytical services to over 6,000 first-responders, private and public safety professionals in the New York state area every day. IMPACT understands the importance of mission critical technology systems and the data associated with such systems. IMPACT’s modular, scalable, and versatile system includes CAD, Mobile, Mapping, Law RMS, and more. IMPACT provides tools and technologies to help public safety agencies access, manage, and analyze data. These tools give public and private agencies actionable knowledge to help protect public safety officers and those they serve. Learn more


TriTech’s Respond EMS software addresses a wide range of pre-hospital software needs: EMS billing, patient care reporting, and dispatch software. Integration within the product suite improves revenue cycle management by reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy and saving time, while offering compliance with NEMSIS 3 standards. Intelligent workflow and compliance tools help EMS professionals follow regulatory, medical, and business practice protocols. The Respond product suite evolves from a rich history of EMS pioneers and leaders who understand the needs of today’s professionals. Learn more


CrimeMapping gives public safety agencies an efficient way to share accurate crime data with citizens. Your crime prevention efforts benefit from better informed citizens. CrimeMapping is easily accessible to the public and demonstrates a commitment to transparency and support for community oriented policing. Learn more