Teresa Cox

Teresa Cox

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, CA

Nominated by Rhonda Durian

Dispatcher Cox has been a dispatcher for over 25 years. She is the dispatcher you want on duty when all HELL cuts loose. On one of those nights Teri stayed on the phone with a female who was in her residence with her husband who was threatening to kill her. Since we are a rural county some of our ETAs can be lengthy, and this was not a short response.  Teri stayed on the line with the female reassuring her and encouraging her to barricade herself in a room or get out of the home.  With Teri's constant encouragement, the woman found a way out of her house and met the deputies as they were coming up the driveway.  While the call was escalating, Teri kept the deputies apprised of the situation through the MDC's.  The woman was safe the husband is in jail.  The outcome was positive.

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