Shelley Kolweier

Shelley Kolweier

Washington County Ambulance Service, IL

Nominated by Tudy Hoffman

In the three years I have been mentored, from hospital billing to ambulance billing, Shelley, our office manager, has not only taught in an understandable manner, but her office organizational skills are excellent. Our office is very functional and has the ability to find anything at your fingertips. She is excellent with patient calls and understanding with financial issues. Her billing skills are excellent with only rare denials in payment due to her insistence of continued education. It has been very rewarding learning and working with her. During her recent absence due to family tragedy, her previous training allowed me to temporarily take over her position and keep everything flowing. She does not waste county money and will find areas in which to cut costs. I very much consider her a HERO. She is a good person and pleasant to work with.

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