Paramedic Mark Babson

Paramedic Mark Babson

Ada County Paramedics, ID

Paramedic Mark Babson, of Ada County Paramedics in Idaho, was one of two individuals named as the 2016 EMS Advocate of the Year by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) for his commendable volunteer work and dedication to EMS. Through his volunteer work, Babson has worked to educate and engage government leaders, the EMS and healthcare communities, and the public to advance EMS.

In close collaboration with his peers, Babson helped develop and present House Bill 153 to establish Community Health EMS (CHEMS) in Idaho, which, with its passage, acknowledges EMS personnel as a resource where access to a health care facility within a community may be limited. He helped to ensure its measures were in accordance with the state and involved the EMS Bureau Chief for Idaho, hospital heads, and various state and community leaders to support the passage of this bill. He has devoted an immeasurable amount of time to the state of Idaho to assist in developing a program that will serve both urban and rural environments.

Story Credit – Meridian Press

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