Logan Podobni

Logan Podobni

Medical Transportation Coordination Center (MTCC) Manitoba, Canada

Nominated by Mark Shymanski

It is a common understanding that the profession we are in demands 110%. Logan manages to cheerfully give 120% while having a life outside the centre and being a great father and husband!

Logan, our CAD administrator, is also a field medic and certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD.)  Logan's work ethic, his technical/medical knowledge, and experience, plus his mature, upbeat personality make him a triple+ threat for being an exemplar of what citizens expect when they call 9-1-1.  Logan has been around longer than the dispatch centre itself, being part of the team that built the system from planning papers to ‘up and running’; he survived ‘DOLF’ and 'Go Live'; and, as an integral part of the project team, nurtured the system through its early teething pains.

Logan is never REALLY off of work, with his Blackberry being welded to his side.  He handles the zero dark thirty calls and the middle-of-the-day crisis with the same professional positive demeanor and competence.  Logan is equally at home working with a dispatcher to resolve some technical aspect of the CAD; working with the Centre’s director and senior management team to chart the course of the CAD infrastructure; or talking with Assistant Deputy Ministers about the characteristics of a properly functioning EMS system.

Much like how our dedicated dispatchers are not regularly noticed by the general public, Logan’s duties are often invisible, and in the background. The better he does his job, the less attention is paid to his efforts.  Logan’s efforts aren’t high profile or even known by the general public.  A member of the public will probably never call and say, “Hey, because CAD was up and running, an ambulance and crew were able to save my child/spouse/neighbor.” His efforts will not likely generate a photo-op with a grateful citizen.  Unlike the fanciful folks of the Marvel world who sport flashy capes and catchy monikers, every day Logan, in relative anonymity and maybe even obscurity, puts on his uniform and begins again to serve the good people of Manitoba.  When a dispatcher asks, “What is the address of your emergency?” Logan is the reason that there is a system that can respond.

While Logan is an outstanding CAD Coordinator he is also a proud father of two and an agricultural entrepreneur developing a family-based agro-tourism business renowned province wide.  Logan’s two children are growing up in a family of paramedics (Mom, Dad, Uncle, Grandma and Granddad were active field medics).  Logan’s agro-tourism business has progressively grown, despite these tough economic times, as an employer of many local youth and young adults, and as a highly sought-after travel destination.

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