Dispatcher Dan Lewis

Dispatcher Dan Lewis

Reedy Creek Emergency Services, FL

Nominated by Bo Jones

Dan received a misrouted VoIP call that disconnected seconds into the call. However, he had voice contact long enough to hear the caller state that he committed a crime. Unable to reach caller, Dan began researching the number and after speaking with Verizon Wireless’ Network Operations Center, he determined the caller’s name and location several states away. Dan was able to reach the local law enforcement agency and provide them with the caller’s information. It was only moments later that the caller’s name and the crime he committed hit national news outlets and became the focus of the Nation for days to follow.

Dan’s effort to research the caller’s information after he disconnected illustrates his desire to put his full effort into each call he receives. While his effort on this particular day was only a small part in the overall event. It serves to show that as a 911 dispatcher, you must always be prepared and be willing to go that extra step.

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