Chief Roderick Moore and Captain Clemmson

Chief Roderick Moore and Captain Clemmson

Mason Police Department, TN

Nominated by Aubrey Santaniglo

Chief Roderick Moore and Captain Clemmson responded to a fire emergency call in our subdivision in Mason TN for a large field fire that was quickly approaching our homes. Without hesitation and regard for their own personal safety and with no fire-fighting training these officers picked up fire hoses from the fire truck and started to extinguish the fire of about 15-20 acres of land. This Fire was an extremely big fire, to say the least, especially with there being a county wide burn ban. Both Officers covered the field twice to ensure that the fire was extinguished. Thanks to the fast and thoughtful thinking that Chief Moore and Captain Clemmson displayed, we still have our homes and of safety. I would also like to add that they caught and arrested the subjects who were responsible for setting this fire.

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