Brendan McInnes

Brendan McInnes

Order of St John's Ambulance, NZ

Nominated by Jayde McInnes

I would like to nominate my father. It may sound corny, but he is my hero as well as others. Dad is passionate about his job more than anyone I know, always willing to come into work when off duty to help when it is short-staffed and working on the command unit a lot as well which takes him to other towns far away for long periods of time. He also raised funds to attend a conference in America to gain more knowledge so he could provide more help.

He continues to go above and beyond by serving the community in many ways outside of work. Knowing he has a rare blood type, he donates plasma regularly and his next donation will be his 50th. He helps out at school camps and trips as parent help for me and my brother, normally taking annual leave that is unscheduled. He also teaches kids at the camps first aid and how to help people in the bush. The other day, an elderly woman was struggling to get items from her shopping cart into her car while many people walking by could see she was struggling, but didn’t stop to help. Not my dad, he helped and she showed her appreciation by telling him he was going to heaven.

From being a Volunteer Ambulance Officer to a Dispatcher during the days and nights, he is my hero. I want to be like him. I am going to join the Armed Forces to train to become a Medic and one day, after serving my country, I will serve my community just like my hero, my father.

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