TriTech Unveils Powerful 911 Feature to Improve Time and Resource Constraints from Accidental Calls

June 1, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 1, 2017)— TriTech Software Systems proudly introduces the latest version of its TriTech 911 call handling solution which includes a powerful new feature that automates abandoned call processing. TriTech 911 is the only 9-1-1 application to fully integrate call center-initiated communication using outbound SMS to automate callbacks for abandoned calls. With abandoned call volumes increasing due to the rise of cell phones and pocket dialing, TriTech 911 can increase productivity in communication centers facing increasing demands. 

As many communication centers look to upgrade their 9-1-1 technology and infrastructure, TriTech 911 continues to be the solution of choice for the workflow improvements provided. Demonstrations of TriTech 911 and the new Automated Abandoned Call Processing workflow will be available during the NENA conference in TriTech Booth #111 from June 5-6 in San Antonio, Texas. 

Key Facts:

  • Many communication centers receive a large amount of abandoned calls accidentally from pocket dialing. Following standard protocol, all abandoned calls require a callback. This presents an enormous time and resource drain to centers which are already short staffed, increasing the risk that the processing of legitimate 9-1-1 calls will be delayed. 
  • Directly addressing the challenges of pocket dialing, TriTech’s newest version of its 9-1-1 call handling solution provides call centers with the ability to automate abandoned call processing via SMS for wireless callers. With the ubiquity of SMS as a regular communication channel and citizens more likely to respond to SMS versus a voice callback, this new capability in TriTech 911 allows the intelligence of the system to clear the abandoned call queue more quickly and direct more attention in managing true 9-1-1 emergency calls. 
  • Many areas of the United States are working diligently to support NG9-1-1 initiatives. Recently recognized by the NG9-1-1 institute and Industry Council on Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) for its initiatives to modernize 9-1-1 communications with NG9-1-1, the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board continues to lead the charge in NG9-1-1 advancements in the nation. TriTech has positioned several Tennessee PSAPs for the anticipated transition to Next Generation 9-1-1. Sumner County E-911, Williamson County Department of Emergency Communications, and Hamilton County Emergency Communications District have gone live with TriTech 911, a tested NG9-1-1-ready solution. 

Supporting Quotes:
Lisa Henderson, ENP, CMCP, CPM, CPMM, Product Manager, TriTech Software Systems
“Citizen engagement is a driving force for many public safety agencies. The openness for communication and transparency provides great inroads in terms of strengthening relations with the public. Because citizens have an expectation that they should be able to communicate with their local 9-1-1 agency via SMS, TriTech is developing tools to help facilitate those communications in a way that can be easily integrated in the communication center’s current workflow.

TriTech is dedicated to continuous innovation of workflow solutions. Our introduction of Caller Location Query as part of our CAD system utilizing outbound SMS to retrieve location information directly from the GPS of a wireless caller’s device was a building block for direct communication to the citizen. We are excited to introduce the next iteration with Automated Abandoned Call Processing as part of our 9-1-1 solution, building on the successful call center initiated communication model. These two modules are directly addressing the current challenges in our communication centers—the inability to accurately locate wireless callers and pocket dialing, respectively—and providing a solution to improve time utilization in our resource-strapped communication centers.”

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