TriTech Partners with Rave to Incorporate Facility Data into CAD

August 14, 2017

TriTech’s Inform CAD now utilizing Rave Facility to make the collection and maintenance of facility data more scalable

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 14, 2017)—TriTech Software Systems announced today a partnership with Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), provider of critical communication and data platform solutions. Rave has incorporated facility data from Rave Facility into TriTech’s Inform Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System to bring critical information about businesses, facilities, and public buildings to responders in an emergency.

Emergencies occurring in public spaces, businesses, and commercial buildings present unique challenges to first responders, impacting their ability to aid. These facilities can often be difficult to access and the 9-1-1 caller may not know the building’s layout. This new partnership will enable Inform CAD to immediately gather and relay Rave Facility’s up-to-date information on contacts, business type, and facility layout to police and fire as they are responding.

Key Facts:

  • Rave Facility reduces the cost and overhead of maintaining accurate facility information by permitting online “crowdsourcing” with public safety oversight and controls.
  • The Facility tool also facilitates interagency collaboration and data sharing with the same data set for responders, 9-1-1, fire inspectors, and other key personnel.
  • Inform CAD is a feature-rich CAD solution that empowers public safety agencies to respond intelligently and rapidly to emergency situations. The tool captures all major data points throughout each call to intuitively present information to users and responders when and where they need it.
  • TriTech will use the information collected and maintained through Rave Facility to alert the 9-1-1 dispatchers and responders via the Inform CAD and Mobile systems. This partnership ensures data is more easily shared across agencies during an emergency.
  • The design of this integration is nearing its final phase and will be previewed with selected agencies by the end of 2017.

Supporting Quotes:
Scott MacDonald, Vice President of Public Safety Strategy for TriTech Software Systems
“Public safety agencies have always been able to store building, contact, and hazard information in CAD, but keeping that information up to date and relevant has always been a huge challenge. With Rave Facility and TriTech’s Inform CAD, there will be a secure method for business and building managers to add and update this critical data for responders. It also allows for the sharing of even more information with public safety agencies, like the presence of cameras in or around the building or cell phone contacts for immediate notifications in an emergency. We are very excited about this relationship with Rave and look forward to finding new ways to help connect emergency responders with communities they serve.”

Tom Axbey, President and CEO of Rave Mobile Safety
“At Rave, we are committed to bringing important information to public safety agencies as they work to save lives. Not only does Rave Facility give facility owners self-service access to play an active role in providing the most up-to-date information, but this partnership now ensures this data is being brought to the field as quickly as possible through the innovative Inform CAD solution. The collection and maintenance of facility building data continues to be scalable as data is even more easily shared across public safety agencies.”

Supporting Resources:
TriTech Website:
Rave Mobile Safety:

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