Strategic Planning and Partnerships for a Safe Super Bowl LII

February 5, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA (February 5, 2018) – The City of Minneapolis and technology safety partner, TriTech Software Systems worked together, off the field, to ensure the more than 1 million citizens enjoyed the city and had a safe experience inside and outside of U.S. Bank Stadium at Super Bowl LII.

The City of Minneapolis, supported by an impressive team of more than 3,000 law enforcement personnel, including 60 local law enforcement departments, the Minnesota National Guard, and 1,600 federal law enforcement officers, executed a highly strategic and collaborative security plan at last night’s Super Bowl LII. The Minneapolis Emergency Communication Center was intentional about starting conversations very early—before construction of the U.S. Bank Stadium was even finished—to use their expertise to help direct the logistics of emergency communications. For example, a public safety facility was built onsite at the stadium, which housed two dispatchers using TriTech’s Inform CAD system, who were able to coordinate dispatch incidents in the stadium.

In addition to developing an Incident Management Team, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security conducted training for thousands of local, state, and federal personnel on the process, roles, and equipment of the overall, unified incident command system. A Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) was set up as the primary incident command center, which included professionals from law enforcement, EMS, public works, the Health Department, the Minneapolis Emergency Communication Center, and others. TriTech Support Technicians were even brought onsite for system support, if needed, throughout the 10-day event. Events of this scale involve a tremendous amount of teamwork and resources, including technology that can handle large-scale collaboration and real-time intelligence that is actionable and provides situational awareness.

Key Facts:

  • The Communication Center fielded an anticipated increase call volume throughout the 10-day event, which were seamlessly communicated from the Inform CAD dispatching software to first responders through integrated Inform Mobile units. The Minneapolis Emergency Communication Center team worked 12-hour shifts for 10 consecutive days to cover the increased workload.
  • The City of Minneapolis has been working with local public safety agencies since 2014 on their preparedness plans in concert with state and federal agencies and the NFL.
  • Super Bowl LII is the third in a row relying on TriTech software. In the past year, TriTech's technology and best practices on keeping large-scale events safe has also supported the World Series, the Daytona 500, and the Formula One Grand Prix.
  • Inform CAD is the only CAD system deployed in cities with populations of more than one million that supports police and fire agencies on the same CAD system.

Supporting Quotes
Heather Hunt, City of Minneapolis Emergency Communication Director
“Kudos goes out to everyone who worked so well together to pull off the years-in-the-making plan. In large incidents, if things do not go well, it’s often a result of a communication issue, so we were determined that would not be the case in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII. We were involved very early on in the planning to help develop a realistic expectation of exactly how communication and response would flow throughout the event. We stationed two dispatchers onsite at the stadium, and another two in the MACC, as well as at the Minneapolis Convention Center and the All-Hazards center, in addition to our normal Communication Center. The Inform CAD and Mobile software worked smoothly—business as usual—and it was nice to have the extra level of support and assurance by having the TriTech Support Technicians onsite if any unforeseen problems arose. In an emergency, a lot of your success depends on relationships. Although there were no major incidents, we were ready if there had been.”

Terri Barry, TriTech Software Systems Vice President of Customer Service
"We are honored to be a part of the large network of people supporting the public’s safety at this year's Super Bowl. Our Support team has been onsite in Minneapolis to partner with our customer command staff to ensure smooth and efficient system operations. It has been an incredible experience to see the two years of planning for this event coalesce into synchronized execution of technology and people resources. We celebrate the success of our 20 customers, and everyone involved in the incredible public safety achievement at Super Bowl LII."

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