Montgomery County Chooses TriTech

October 12, 2017

Montgomery County, Tennessee recently went live with a full suite of Inform public safety software solutions, including Computer Aided Dispatch, Advanced Mobile Solutions, Records Management, and Jail Management Systems. This was a fast-tracked process that went from kickoff to go-live in less than eight months with the full-suite activated for all agencies on the same day.

The county serves nearly 200,000 residents, has more than 100 sworn officers, and supports a jail population of over 500 within their public safety network. One of the driving factors in their decision-making process was the need for interoperability across the six different agencies involved in their network. By selecting the full Inform suite of products, Montgomery County will gain efficiencies with seamless integration throughout the entire public safety process, from the moment the call is received to the booking of a detainee.  

“We knew we needed to consolidate our operations in 9-1-1 and dispatch and were looking for a progressive, cutting-edge solution that would position us to handle increased demands for services in the future for our growing community. We were confident that TriTech’s suite would position us to do that,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John R. Smith.