Beyond Lucid Technologies Completes Seamless Response Transfer to Billing

January 10, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA (January 10, 2017)—The MEDIVIEW platform by Beyond Lucid Technologies is the first ePCR application to use’s NEMSIS Import web service to automatically push electronic patient care reports to Billing.  

Ambulance Service, Inc. (ASI), located in Breckenridge, MN, is the first TriTech customer to benefit from the automatic flow of data from MEDIVIEW to Billing. ASI had been batch importing NEMSIS 3 responses into Billing for several months before switching to the automatic import. TriTech’s NEMSIS Import web service is modeled after the NEMSIS V3 web service definition, allowing ePCR vendors to leverage the functionality that they have developed for NEMSIS compliance. The process is transparent to both the MEDIVIEW and Billing users.

Key Facts: 

  • Within the MEDIVIEW platform, as PCRs are marked as ready to be sent to billing during the QA cycle, the system automatically forwards the completed records to the Billing.  Partner-clients receive a summary email detailing which records were sent, and any items that require attention.
  • When the TriTech NEMSIS Import service receives the NEMSIS response document from MEDIVIEW, the XML document is validated against the NEMSIS standard and is then imported as a Call into Billing. 
  • In addition to populating key fields in the Call, the complete NEMSIS response record is stored with the Call and can be viewed on-demand in a PCR-like format to aid in proper coding of the call. 
  • Any attachments encoded in the NEMSIS response record are also attached to the Call, giving the Billing user instant access to all information sent by MEDIVIEW.

Supporting Quotes: 
Joyce Klumper, Office Administrator, Ambulance Service, Inc.
“Since Beyond Lucid Technologies has started transmitting our MediView PCRs automatically into TriTech Billing everything has been so smooth. It just happens without any effort on my part. Our records are transmitted twice daily so when I open my TriTech Billing program in the morning there are records for me to work on right away. I’m very excited about these advances. The staff at TriTech and Beyond Lucid have been great to work—very knowledgeable and extremely helpful."

Dan Voss, Product Manager, TriTech Software Systems
“Until now, ambulance services either had to sacrifice efficiency to have best-of-class applications from different vendors, or sacrifice application features with an integrated billing/ePCR solution from a single vendor. By automating the flow of information from ePCR to Billing via the NEMSIS Import web service, we essentially offer integration of our Billing solution to any and all ePCR applications using technology that ePCR vendors have built to be NEMSIS 3 compliant.  Ambulance services now can choose TriTech’s best-of-class billing application and integrate it with their choice of best-of-class ePCR application. Beyond Lucid is the first ePCR vendor to take advantage of this capability and their automated data flow from MEDIVIEW to Billing has been problem-free since the first day it was turned on.”    

Jonathon Feit, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.
“At Beyond Lucid Technologies, we spend each day innovating around the business of EMS, and specifically how we can leverage innovation to enhance both new and exciting scopes of practice, like Community Paramedicine, and the fundamental processes—like billing—that keep the lights flashing and the sirens wailing. As a small and agile firm, we have been thrilled to partner with a national leader like TriTech to deliver efficiencies that offer meaningful, measureable benefits to our shared partner-clients. Automated billing import is another example of helping our partner-clients reduce costs, streamline cash flows, and ultimately free up time to focus on their core patient care mission.”    

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