Baton Rouge, LA Agencies to Use Inform Software for Better Collaboration

December 28, 2017

TriTech Software Systems welcomes St. George Fire Protection District and the following agencies in Baton Rouge, LA who will be implementing Inform CAD and Inform Mobile in 2018: East Baton Rouge Parish Communications District, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's Office, Baton Rouge Police Department, Baker Police Department, East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control, Baton Rouge Constable, Zachary Police Department, East Baton Rouge Parish Emergency Medical Services, Baton Rouge Fire Department, and numerous East Baton Rouge Parish Fire Departments.

Inform RMS, Inform Analytics, and Inform Jail will be implemented by some of the agencies in a later phase of the project. The integrated software system will allow the Baton Rouge agencies to share and re-use data for better informed incident response, and citizen and first responder safety. The NextGen solutions are built to work with the latest technology advances to enable dispatchers and responders access to text, video, photos, floor plans, and all forms of data. The interface efficiencies and automation results in less administrative time so that agency personnel can focus on duties that help accomplish their mission.