Taking It To The Streets

Technology serves as a vital tool to streamline processes and increase the amount of information available to keep your officers safe and prevent crime. TriTech’s Public Safety Software for Police and Sheriff allows personnel to be on the streets where they are most needed. Whether in the station or their vehicle, personnel need to access information easily and quickly.

As more and more personnel begin to utilize smart phones and tablets in the field, TriTech has introduced the Inform Me mobile app to extend the use of its Inform Mobile solution to everyone, everywhere. Designed for iOS and Android devices, Inform Me app allows users to view critical incident related information, update their status, send messages and perform other critical functions. With FIPS140-2 compliant encryption, users of Inform Me can securely send and receive records check queries. This easy-to-use application is an essential tool for users who perform their jobs outside of the emergency vehicle.

While traditional records software ties officers to the station, Inform RMS brings those records functions to the field. Inform RMS brings together field reporting and records management into a singular web-enabled solution for a mobile workforce. With easily configurable, agency-defined data entry screens, report workflows, and report outputs, Inform RMS provides a records management solution designed for your department by your department. By providing officers an easy and efficient means to create, update, and submit reports from the field, Inform RMS enables them to spend less time in the station and more time on the streets.

Because data-driven approaches in responding lead to crime reduction, why not deliver that data and analytics directly into the hands of the field users? TriTech’s NearMe is the industry's first proactive policing mobile application to deliver dynamic proximity-based crime correlation services to patrol officers on the street to optimize patrol-based strategies for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

TriTech’s Law Enforcement solutions optimize the public safety workflow by providing integrated information so your personnel get accurate, mission critical information to make informed, timely decisions. TriTech supports local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies throughout the nation ranging from the California Highway Patrol, the largest state police agency in the United States, to the Newfields, NH Police Department with four sworn officers.