Responding faster with accurate information

Fire dispatch software is needed in every Fire-Rescue department across the country, however, many departments today are faced with limited or decreasing resources while trying to satisfy demands for new and expanded services. Departments everywhere are reevaluating their delivery of services and reorganizing to increase efficiencies.

As departments implement strategies and align resources to respond to current budget constraints, TriTech’s Inform Suite manages this complexity and helps fire-rescue agencies analyze the data to improve the entire scope of operations.

Inform CAD, the industry’s leading computer dispatch solution for fire services, enables efficient management of complex Fire-Rescue dispatch operations. Its flexible response planning capabilities along with dynamic unit recommendations work in concert with your agency’s business processes to minimize response times.

From the largest cities to smaller towns, Inform Fire Records is the solution for all size departments to manage their day-to-day administrative duties. Through integration with Inform CAD, reporting in Inform Fire Records is made easy with pre-population of key information. Inform Fire Records is fully compliant with NFIRS 5.0 reporting standards and guides the user through the report entry process.

With IQ FireView technology from TriTech, command staff are provided with an interactive, geospatial common operating picture for better resource allocation, trend analysis and analyzing large volumes of data collected from incidents and inspections. FireView™ provides Fire and Emergency Response Agencies with mapping tools to help review existing deployment policies and develop new strategies.