The NEW Customer Service Center Portal Coming Monday, July 24
The NEW Customer Service Center Portal will go live on Monday, July 24, 2018. We are offering a 30-minute live webinar to show you around the portal. This webinar will be recorded and we will make the recording link available to share with others at your agency.

What features will the NEW Salesforce customer portal have?

  • Create a support ticket or review status of current and past tickets
  • Run reports of all tickets opened or closed
  • Access to Knowledgebase, webinars, articles, technical documentation with extensive search capabilities
  • Add additional portal users within your agency and edit existing contacts.

Zuercher will roll out the Salesforce Customer Service Center on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. At that time our customers who are identified as Primary Contacts for each agency will receive an email with login instructions as well as instructions for adding additional users from your agency. We will be recording this presentation and sending everyone a link to the recording. 

WEBINAR: New Salesforce Customer Service Portal Training For MetroAlert Software
DATE: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
TIME: 11:00 am Eastern 
JOIN LINK:  Join information will be sent via email on Monday, July 16.


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2018 Tradeshows/Conferences

Stop by and visit us at the following 2018 tradeshows and conferences:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • WV Sheriffs Conference (September 9-11)
  • NC APCO NENA Conference (September 9-12)
  • MO APCO Conference (September 10-12)
  • TX Jail Management Issues Conference (September 10-12)
  • VA Sheriffs Conference (September 11-13)
  • SC JAA Conference (September 14-20)
  • IA Sheriffs & Deputies Jail School (September 16-19)
  • TN NENA 911 (September 16-19)
  • NCJAA Annual Convention & Tradeshow (September 23-27)
  • AR Chiefs of Police Conference (September 24-27)
  • MN BCA Criminal Justice Conference (September 25-27)
  • WV Chiefs of Police Conference (September 29)
  • NE NSA-POAN Conference (September 30 - October 3)
  • PA Corrections Conference (September 30 - October 3)
  • OK Public Safety Conference (October 1-2)
  • IACP 2018 (October 6-9)
  • AR APCO-NENA Conference (October 7-10)
  • MO Chief Deputy Conference (October 9-11)
  • WI Jail Administration Fall Conference (October 10)
  • AL NENA Conference (October 14-17)
  • Atlantic APCO (October 15-17)
  • SC APCO-NENA Conference (October 17-19)
  • VA APCO-NENA Interoperability Conference (October 23-26)
  • NE APCO-NENA Conference (October 29-30)
  • MT APCO Conference (October 31 - November 2)
  • CALNENA Fall Conference (November 2)
  • IPSTA 911 Conference (November 4-7)
  • SD LECC Conference (November 6-7)
  • TN LE Training Officers Association Conference (November 12-16)
  • SD Sheriffs Conference (November 13-15)
  • KY Sheriffs Conference (December 5-6)

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