Thinking Outside the Box: Using Big (CAD) Data to Fight the Opioid War

The opioid epidemic presents unique challenges to the public safety industry. Traditional methods used in problem-oriented policing leave large gaps in the information as the involvement of opioids in crime are not always documented. Agencies now are diving into the information provided in safety systems such as CAD and RMS to gain a new understanding of the real impacts of this crisis.
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Hung Up on Hang Ups

Today our industry loses an estimated 1.1 million hours to processing abandoned calls, compounding nationwide staffing shortages. Technological innovation is exacerbating the issue, and may also be the key to solving it.
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Have you ever tried holding your breath for 30 seconds or even a minute? Isn’t it amazing how time seems to slow down? How each second seems to come slower and slower? That same feeling occurs with every person who has called 9-1-1 and is waiting for EMS to respond.
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