Inform Monthly Customer Service Webinar

Every Third Wednesday of the Month - 11:30 AM Eastern | 8:30 AM Pacific
These complimentary, monthly half-hour sessions will help you maximize your software skills and agency efficiency and effectiveness. Register once, and receive monthly reminders with the topic of the month. You decide whether to join live, or wait for the recording.

  • May 17: VisiNet Configurations Part 1," with Gladys Ferguson, Principal Technical Training Analyst
  • June 21: VisiNet Configurations Part 2, with Gladys Ferguson, Principal Technical Training Analyst


Webinar Recordings

Check out these industry webinar topics that are offered in a recorded format.

  • First Due Size Up Search Technology
  • Q&A Discussion on Stopping Workplace Drama in Public Safety (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Delivering Analytics Into the Public Safety Workflow
  • Delivering Analytics Directly to the Field User with NearMe
  • Inform 911: Laying the foundation for TriTech’s CAD+911 emergency response workflow
  • Taking it to the Streets - Empowering our officers in the field with mobile solutions
  • Inform Suite for Fire-Rescue Agencies: More than just Inform CAD!
  • Inform CAD Overview and What’s New
  • Honolulu Fire: Caller Location Query

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2017 Tradeshows/Conferences

Stop by and visit us at the following 2017 tradeshows and conferences:​​

  • WIPSCOM 2017 (May 14-17)
  • IACP Technology Conference (May 22-24)
  • International CAD Consortium (May 22-25)
  • NENA 2017 (June 3-8)
  • National Sheriff Association (June 25-28)
  • Police Security Expo (June 27-28)
  • TN Association Chiefs of Police (August 2-5)
  • APCO 2017 (August 13-16)
  • CA Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (August 31)
  • IACP 2017 (October 21-24)

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